Michael Fox

Michael Fox has a distinguished career in geography at Carleton University that has spanned over 30 remarkable years. His dedication to students is not only known within the department but has reached almost mythical proportions within the institution.

He has the extraordinary ability to reach both first year and upper year students, challenging them to overcome their personal doubts and become engaged with the material and applications in the course of their studies.

Besides creating an intellectual climate that is enriching for students, faculty speak of his valuable contributions to the learning environment in the university. They refer to his strong sense of responsibility, as well as his patience, tolerance, and the trust he has earned over the years from his colleagues.

During his career at Carleton, he has been an associate dean and department head, involved in planning the environmental studies program, organized 25 years of geography departmental field trips, and participated in numerous activities and events that have enriched the lives of students and faculty.

In both 1997 and 1998 Michael was awarded Carleton University’s Teaching Achievement Award and in 2003 he received the Queen’s Jubilee Medal for his long-term commitment to excellent teaching and service to students in Ontario. In 2005, Michael was the recipient of the OCUFA Teaching Award.

He continues to set high standards of excellence in teaching for which he is respected by both his students and his colleagues.