Photo of Michael Hildebrand

Michael Hildebrand

Michael Hildebrand connects students to neuroscience principles and cutting edge research in lecture, seminar and research settings at Carleton University. He does so, efficiently and seemingly effortlessly, by taking advantage of as many hands-on and interactive approaches as possible. His goal is to actively engage students throughout the learning process so that they will be equipped for success.

Michael also mentors a team of talented undergraduate and graduate students in his pain research lab, which explores mechanisms of pain processing in the spinal chord and investigates new therapeutic approaches to treat pain.

He takes a sports approach to the classroom, wherein he, the coach, provides guidance for the first weeks. Then, he lets his students lead the seminars together and facilitate the questions on their own. This method fosters student empowerment and has lead to student success in his classroom.

Michael’s dedication to student-centric learning through the creation of a safe and mentoring environment in and out of the classroom earned him a 2016 New Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award.