Photo of Rodney Nelson

Rodney Nelson

Rodney Nelson received a 2016 New Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award, an honour given to those whose teaching emphasizes Carleton University’s mandate of teaching excellence and innovation. It was Rodney’s teaching style, that fosters both academics and culture in a university environment, that garnered him the award.

Rodney is also the co-ordinator of the Aboriginal Enriched Support Program. Through this program, he leads Indigenous and non-Indigenous students through a hands-on seminar that features traditional learning, such as teepee teaching, sweat lodges and historical Indigenous walks.

Rodney centres his teaching around culture, and as a result, he has provided a safe space for students to discuss and to strengthen their connections, while also imparting the course’s academic material. He has extensive experience working with Indigenous communities and specializes in governance, economics and is a traditional knowledge keeper.