Photo of Simon Power

Simon Power

Simon Power is an associate professor in the Department of Economics. Since arriving at Carleton University, he has specialized in the study of the specification, estimation and testing of statistical models in economics, namely called econometrics.

Simon is also a dedicated and engaging teacher who strives for continuous improvement in his ability to effectively communicate complex ideas to his students. He believes in the effectiveness of strong teaching over the use of technology in lectures – his classrooms are typically equipped with three blackboards. Simon’s teaching is focused on connecting with students, and reading the room for feedback. He does this to shape his courses to meet students’ educational needs while constantly improving his own teaching skills.

In 2004, the Capital Educators’ Award was bestowed upon Simon for his work in the Department of Economics. As well, in 2008, Simon was the recipient of the most prestigious award an educator in Ontario can receive: the OCUFA Teaching Award. Most recently, he was honoured with a 2015 Provost’s Fellowship in Teaching Award for sustained excellence in teaching.