CFICE’s Community Food Security Hub

Community Co-Lead
Cathleen Kneen*, Food Secure Canada

Academic Co-lead
Charles Levkoe, Canada Research Chair, Lakehead University

Text box with the following content: "Definition of FOOD SOVERIEGNTY: The right of people to have healthy and culturally appropriate food which is sustainably produced."The Community Food Security (CFS) hub examined the community-campus partnership models and best practices used to advance the food security and food sovereignty agenda of their lead community partner, Food Secure Canada.

Through different demonstration projects, they researched how to strengthen food security networks in Canada, and how to advance food security and food sovereignty in communities across the country.

Glenn Flett of LINC, holds a ripe watermelon cut in half at Emma's Acres.

Glenn Flett shows off fresh produce at Emma’s Acres. © L.I.N.C. Society

The CFS hub worked from the position that Community Food Security occurs when all residents within a community:

  • Obtain safe diets
  • Have access to culturally appropriate diets
  • Use environmentally sustainable food systems.

Cathleen Kneen, feminist and social activist with Food Secure Canada, was also the co-lead before she passed away in 2016.

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