Research Accounting provides financial services and advice to the University community with respect to sponsored and internally restricted research, entrepreneurial activities, professional service grants and contracts, and professional expense reimbursements.  Our mission is to provide administration of all funds, while minimizing both the researcher and University’s exposure to financial risk.

What Research Accounting Does

  • Aid in interpreting and ensure compliance with funding agency regulations
  • Advise on and ensure compliance with University policies related to research
  • Advise on appropriate procedures for financial transactions (e.g. when to use eShop versus Travel and Expense)
  • Issue invoices and financial reports

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How to Find Out Who Your Contact Is

Each department has a single contact, called a research fund administrator, within Research Accounting.  This ensures detailed knowledge of a researcher’s funding portfolio.

Search for your research fund administrator by department

Questions? Your department is not listed? Contact Research Accounting.