The FAST Finance Reporting application provides you with access to transactional details, various types of reports and queries, and information on actuals, encumbrances and budgets for all your Fund and/or organizational codes.

IMPORTANT NOTE (January 3rd, 2020):

The updated FAST Finance Reporting application is available now.  The updated version of the application is called ‘Finance Reporting’ (currently both the old and the new versions are available).  While familiar, the new interface now has the same look feel as other FAST applications and improved functionality. To see what has changed and improved, read ‘The FAST Finance Reporting Application has an Updated User Interface‘.

All departmental administrators, holders of research Funds and others involved in monitoring financial activities for Carleton University should have access to, and be using FAST Finance Reporting.


Access to the Finance Reporting tool is based on fund-orgn security, and is automatically granted if you have signing or query ability on a Fund or orgn in the University chart of accounts.

  • Contact the Finance Office for access to operating and special purpose funds by emailing
  • Contact Research Financial Services for access to internally restricted or sponsored research funds and non-research grants or contract funds by emailing

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