Avi Parush

Professor Emeritus

Avi’s academic background is in cognitive experimental psychology (PhD, 1984, McGill University, Montreal, Canada) with expertise in human factors engineering, human computer interaction, and usability engineering. His professional and academic career of over 30 years in human factors is devoted to influencing the design of workplaces and tools people use in order to make their lives easier, safer and more beneficial.

Avi has conducted, supervised, and published research in diverse areas such as patient safety, display design in the cockpit, driving safety with respect to braking distance, human error in flying UAV, spatial cognition and navigation systems, human error and safety in supervisory tasks in various control centers, display design for supervisory tasks, and in simulation-based learning and training. Throughout the years he has adapted and developed analysis and design techniques and innovative approaches in human factors, HCI and usability. Avi is internationally known as an expert in usability studies. He is the emeritus founding editor in chief of the Journal of Usability Studies, and is currently on the editorial board of the Human Factors journal. Avi’s current research focuses on teamwork in complex and critical situations, human factors in healthcare, and conventional and simulation-based training with a focus on team training.

In addition to being an emeritus professor in Carleton University, he is also an associate professor at the Industrial Engineering and Management Faculty, The Israel Institute of Technology, Israel, and an adjunct professor at Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, Canada.