Photo of Craig Bennell

Craig Bennell


Degrees:Ph.D. (Liverpool)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 1769
Office:A505 Loeb Building
Website:Police Research Lab

Research Interests

Research conducted in the Police Research Lab explores how psychology can contribute to various police activities. Three lines of research are currently being focused on in the lab: (1) issues related to police use of force (e.g., use of force training; factors influencing decision making and performance in use of force incidents; memory for use of force events; the role of body worn cameras in policing; etc.); (2) the reliability, validity, and/or usefulness of psychologically-based investigative techniques (e.g., methods used to link serial crimes; crime scene analysis; geographic profiling; etc.); and (3) evidence based policing (e.g., receptivity to research among police professionals; the importance of replication and reproduction studies for evidence based policing; open science in policing; etc.). Please check out the lab website for more details.