Photo of Kirk Luther

Kirk Luther

Assistant Professor

Degrees:Ph.D (Memorial)
Website:Dr. Luther's Research Website

Research Interests

My research interests include safeguarding legal rights for adults and youth, and advancing research and practice on investigative interviewing. Specifically, my research works toward (1) developing a theoretical model of the cognitive, social, and language factors that moderate and mediate individual’s comprehension of complex information (i.e., legal rights), and (2) developing a theoretical model of the cognitive and social factors that promote information provision in investigative interviews. Even though I’d like to pretend that I have some interesting hobbies, when I am not conducting research I am busy chasing around and entertaining three little rascals.

I am always looking for motivated students to join my research lab. If you are interested, please contact me!

Sample Publications

Below are some of my representative publications. For a complete list, please see my website.

Snook, B., Fahmy, W., Fallon, L., Lively, C. J., Luther, K., Messiner, C. M., Barron, T., & House, J. C. (2020). Challenges of a “toolbox” approach to investigative interviewing: A critical analysis of the RCMP’s phased interview model. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law.

McCardle, M. I., Luther, K., & Snook, B. (2020). Examining the administration of youth interrogation rights: A field study of Canadian police practices. Youth Justice.

Eastwood, J. Snook, B., & Luther, K. (2019). Establishing the Most Effective Way to Deliver the Sketch Procedure to Enhance Interviewee Free Recall. Psychology, Crime and Law, 25, 482-493.

Eastwood, J., Snook, B., & Luther, K. (2018). Measuring the effectiveness of the sketch procedure for recalling details of a live interactive event. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 32, 747-754.

Luther, K. & Snook, B. (2016). Putting the Mr. Big technique back on trial: A re-examination of probative value and abuse of process through a scientific lens. Journal of Forensic Practice, 18, 131-142.