Photo of Yan Liu

Yan Liu

Assistant Professor

Degrees:Ph.D. (The University of British Columbia)
Office:B546 LA

Research Interests

My main research interests are in developing and disseminating innovative psychometric and statistical methods for addressing issues related to well-being and cognitive development. I have explored how we can apply causal models, including propensity score matching and mediation models, to psychometric and psychological research. I am also researching quantitative methods for analyzing response processes, longitudinal and multilevel data, and complex data, e.g., mixture distributions and zero-inflated distributions.

To analyze large scale assessment and text data, I have recently integrated machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) into my research. I also have been combining assessment and eye-tracking techniques into my studies on cognitive processes.

Selected Recent Journal Publications (* indicates student author)

Liu, Y., Béliveau, A., Besche, H.C., Wu, D. A., Zhang, X. Y., Stefan, M., Gutlerner, J., & Kim, C. (2021). Bayesian mixed effects model and data visualization for understanding item response time and response order in open online assessment. Frontiers in Education: Assessment, Testing and Applied Measurement.

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Liu, Y., Kim, C., Wu, A. D., Gustafson, P., Kroc, E., & Zumbo, B. D. (2020). Investigating the performance of propensity scores approaches for differential item functioning analysis. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods.

Ruissen*, G. R., Liu, Y., Schmader*, T., Lubans*, D. R., Harden*, S. M., Wolf, S. A., Rhodes, R. E., Dunlop, W. L., Puterman, E., & Beauchamp, M. R. (2020). Effects of group-based exercise on flourishing and stigma consciousness among older adults: Findings from a randomized controlled trial. Applied Psychology: Health and Well-being.

Feng*, D., Liu, Y., Mazloomi*, M.S., Limaye*, A., Turner*, M., Evans, P.D. (2020). A virtual reality system to augment teaching of wood structure and protection. International Wood Products Journal.

Chen, M., Liu, Y., & Zumbo, B.D. (2019). A Propensity score method for investigating differential item functioning in performance assessment. Educational and Psychological Measurement.

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Pullman*, A., Chen*, M., Zou*, D., Hives*, B., & Liu, Y. (2018). Researching multiple publics through latent profile analysis: Similarities and differences in science and technology attitudes in China, Japan, South Korea and the United States. Public Understanding of Science, 28(2), 130-145.

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