Photo of Dwight Deugo

Dwight Deugo

Associate Vice-President (Quality Assurance)

Degrees:Ph.D. Carleton (1986), M.C.S., B.C.S.
Phone:613-520-2600 x 8438
Website:Dwight Deugo Homepage

Research Interests

Mobile Computing, Peer-to-Peer Computing, Evolutionary Computation (Genetic Algorithms, Genetic Programming, Artificial Life), Object-Oriented Systems, Software Patterns, Programming Languages and Open Source Software.

Specific Research Interests

Eclipse, Beacon Technology, Health informatics and Systems

Current Research

Dr. Deugo has done extensive consulting in object-oriented languages and systems, particularly in areas related to Java, Smalltalk and Eclipse. His research interests include the use and development of Open Source software and Mobile Computing. His past research include the development of pattern search tools and the analysis and optimization of network connections in peer-to-peer systems using Genetic Algorithms. Other projects include the development of a collaborative work environment using Eclipse and the design and evaluation of peer-to-peer protocols using large-scale simulation.


Dr. Deugo has a deep ties to Carleton University. He received both his Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from the School of Computer Science prior to joining the faculty in 1997.  He has since been the Editor-In-Chief of the Java Report and the Director of Java Services at The Object People. Dr. Deugo was the CEO and cofounder of Espirity Inc., a service provider of, a text messaging parking solution that allows users to pay for parking by sending a text message from a mobile phone.