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Pat Morin


Degrees:Ph.D. Carleton (2001)
Website:Pat Morin Homepage

Research Interests

Algorithms, Data Structures, Graphs, Geometry

Specific Research Interest

Algorithms and combinatorics of Planar and Near-Planar Graphs, Graph Drawing, Computational Geometry

Current Research

Dr. Morin works in the field of computational geometry and has made foundational contributions to geometric algorithms for routing in wireless networks.  More recently, Dr. Morin’s research has led to him joining a team in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University, to help develop path-finding algorithms for an 8-axis metal sintering 3D printer.


Dr. Morin has had a long connection with Carleton University, receiving both his master’s degree in 1998 and his Ph.D. in 2001 from the university’s School of Computer Science. He began teaching as an assistant professor at Carleton University in 2002 and has been a professor of Computer Science at the University since 2013.  Dr. Morin is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Computer and System Sciences and is a Managing Editor of the Journal of Computational Geometry, of which he is also co-founder. His open-content textbook, Open Data Structures, is used as a primary or supplementary text at over 40 North American Universities. The online version of the book is consulted over 10,000 times daily.

Research Group

Computational Geometry Lab