In compliance with Ontario’s Essential Services Order, Senate met remotely on Jan. 28, 2022. Here are the highlights:

Carleton University Scenario Planning (CUSP)

Following the recommendation of the Carleton University Scenario Planning (CUSP) Working Group, Senate confirmed that in-person instruction for Winter 2022 classes that are scheduled to occur in-person will resume on February 7, 2022. This decision is in line with public health recommendations and similar to what is seen across the Ontario University sector. All safety measures that were in place for the Fall term, including vaccine mandates, daily screening on cuScreen, masks, enhanced ventilation and physical distancing in classrooms remain in place.

Kinàmàgawin Implementation Update

Kahente Horn-Miller, Assistant Vice-President of Indigenous Initiatives, presented a progress report on the implementation of the Kinàmàgawin Indigenous Strategy. Some notable achievements outlined in the presentation included the implementation of recruitment and retention plans for Indigenous students, the launch of the inaugural Indigenous Peer Mentorship program, and the continued development of Carleton University Collaborative Indigenous Learning Bundles. Senators noted the impressive progress on this important work.

Discussion towards a First-Year Grading Policy

The Senate Committee on Curriculum, Admissions and Studies Policy (SCCASP) asked Senate for input and direction towards a First-Year Grading Policy. The proposed new first-year grading policy draws from the temporary compassionate grading policy put in place during the pandemic but will differ by only applying to students entering their first year of Undergraduate Studies at Carleton. SCCASP will continue its work on this important topic and return to Senate for further discussion later in the term.

VP (Research and International) Renewal Advisory Committee

Senate has successfully completed the appointment of 6 academic staff and 2 students to the Vice-President (Research and International) renewal advisory committee. They are:

  • Carol Payne (Academic Staff – FASS)
  • Mario Santana Quintero (Academic Staff – FED)
  • Sean Burges (Academic Staff – FPA)
  • Edward Lai (Academic Staff – Science)
  • Shaobo Ji (Academic Staff – Sprott)
  • Patti Harper (Professional Librarian)
  • Ridah Khan (Undergraduate Student)
  • Georgette Morris (Graduate Student)

The work of the committee will begin shortly and will unfold over the winter term.

Quality Assurance and Cyclical Reviews

Senate approved the Final Assessment Reports and Executive Summaries arising from the Cyclical Reviews of the undergraduate programs in Biochemistry and the Bachelor of Social Work. As a consequence of the reviews, both programs were categorized by SQAPC as being of good quality.

Senator Spotlight: James Milner

James Milner is an Associate Professor of Political Science and the Project Director of LERRN: The Local Engagement Refugee Research Network. He has been a researcher, practitioner and policy advisor on issues relating to the global refugee regime, global refugee policy and the politics of asylum in the global South. Learn more about James Milner.

Next Meeting of Senate

The next Senate meeting is February 25 at 2 pm. The full meeting schedule, associated meeting materials and minutes are available on the Senate website. Meeting minutes are posted once they are approved at the subsequent meeting.