Jason Jaskolka is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering. Since starting at Carleton in 2017, he has worked to instill a deep understanding in students, founded on three central pillars: help all students realize their full potential; prepare the next generation of engineers to solve the problems of tomorrow; and inspire people to get excited about cyber security. Jason is active in developing and using engaging approaches for organizing, communicating and tailoring course content for diverse learning styles.  

Jason is a chosen recipient of the 2021 New Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award for his dedication and passion for sharing knowledge, and supporting students in achieving success, both inside and outside the classroom. 

Brett Popplewell is currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Journalism and Communication. Since starting at Carleton in 2017, he has created three courses from scratch and worked to implement several initiatives such as playing  a lead role in the Journalism program’s efforts to create an anti-racist and equitable learning environment, helping to drive the creation of an Equity Checklist for course instructors, establishing the new Future of Journalism Initiative and launching a Carleton collaboration with Maclean’s magazine where reporting students research and write obituaries on victims of COVID-19.  

Brett is a chosen recipient of the 2021 New Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award for the innovation, energy and excitement he dedicates to his teaching beyond the classroom. 

Deanna Whelan is an Instructor II in the Department of Psychology responsible for teaching advanced statistic and research methods. Since starting her Instructor II role at Carleton in 2017, Deanna has worked to design and develop tools for students that promote mastery of material, strengthen positive work habits, and retain the skills necessary to succeed in future courses, employment and as a member of society. Outside of the classroom, Deanna has supported the Carleton community through hosting educational development workshops, acting as a teaching mentor, participating in the Brightspace pilot, and presenting at the Teaching Statistics in Psychology Conference. 

Deanna is a chosen recipient of the 2021 New Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award for the high energy and positive spirit she brings to the classroom and Carleton community at large.