Story and Photos by Bryan Gagnon

Each year undergraduate students in the Internship-Carleton University Research Experience for Undergraduate Students (I-CUREUS) and Students as Partners Program (SaPP) programs present their completed projects at the I-CUREUS Conference and SaPP Showcase.

The event provides an opportunity to showcase their completed projects and celebrates their achievements.

In 2022-23, 154 students participated in the I-CUREUS program and 155 in SaPP. Close to 30 participating students attended the event this year to present their projects throughout the day in the Future Learning Lab.

I-CUREUS Conference

Student Cassandra Stabile presents during the I-CUREUS Conference.

Since it began in 2012, students participating in the I-CUREUS program have completed 800 projects.

Students in the program conduct research in their program or area of interest. In the process, they gain exposure to research techniques, experience writing a research paper and build connections.

The wide diversity of research projects was on display throughout the morning conference.

Elijah Jeffrey

Elijah Jeffrey.

Elijah Jeffrey, a third-year Science student, presented a cost-effective method for detecting soluble iron in e-waste that replicates the results of other more expensive options. The reclaimed metal can be used in everyday products and reduces the impact of mining on the environment.

Having participated in the I-CUREUS program, Jeffrey credits the program with providing an excellent opportunity to enter an industry and gain hands-on research experience.

For participant Andromeda Veer, a second-year Engineering and Design student, presenting the effects of temperature on mortality and green building design, the project aligns with their goal to design accessible and accommodating infrastructure.

But the experience of participating in the program also yielded some unexpected results.

“The program forced me to put myself out there,” says Veer. “I learned that I could connect with professors and create opportunities. It made me question what other experiences are out there that I haven’t sought out?”

As a result, Veer applied to and received an Undergraduate Student Research Award for the summer to continue their research and sponsorship to participate in a convention for the International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants (IIBEC) — opportunities Veer says they would not have applied for if not for their experience with I-CUREUS.

Andromeda Veer

Andromeda Veer, second-year Engineering and Design student.

The Students as Partners Showcase

Sevda Zaynali presents a Beam Loading Demonstration Kit project during the SaPP Showcase.

Carleton’s Students as Partners Program is the largest program of its kind in Canada.

The program provides undergraduate students with hands-on work experience by collaborating with instructors, librarians and teaching support staff on course design projects.

Students work on various projects and activities, including developing curriculum, preparing assessments and incorporating educational technologies.

Nikita Yovchev

Fourth-year Biomedical and Electrical Engineering student Nikita Yovchev.

Fourth-year Biomedical and Electrical Engineering student Nikita Yovchev presented a project that involved creating a shared Brightspace template to meet the needs of the different engineering departments.

Yovchev who partnered with Professor Robert Langlois in the Faculty of Engineering and Design, shares that SaPP was a great way to establish a relationship with instructors. She encourages other students at Carleton to get engaged through the program.

“So much innovation comes from students, but they don’t know where to direct it. SaPP allows students to sit down with someone on the other side of the table and discuss the limitless possibilities that can come from their education.”

Fifth-year Health Science student Zaineh Harahsha partnered with Professor Romola Thumbadoo on a complementary workbook to a book by Thumbadoo on the teachings of Elder William Commanda, Learning from a Kindergarten Dropout.

Zaineh Harahsha

Zaineh Harahsha, Health Science student.

Moved by the teachings from the book, Harahsha pitched the project intending to help readers reflect and internalize those teachings.

“Being able to reflect on these teachings was different and very enlightening. [A workbook] is a good tool for professors to use in different courses or projects to help students to take away something from their teaching,” says Harasha.

To learn about some of the other projects presented at the I-CUREUS Conference and SaPP Showcase, download the program summary for I-CUREUS or SaPP.