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Italian is one of the Romance languages, having a common Latin ancestry with French, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian. Looking at the Latin word for sun (solis), one can see the language similarities with soleil (French), sol (Spanish/Portuguese), soare (Romanian), and sole (Italian).

Italian is spoken by approximately 61.5 million people worldwide [1] and by 15% of the citizens of the European Union (fourth most commonly used after English, German and French) [2]. Inside the EU, Italian is an official language of Italy and Slovenia (regionally), but it is also used officially in Croatia (regionally), San Marino, Switzerland, and Vatican State [1]. In Canada, Italian is the mother tongue of 469 485 people, with 1.27 million identifying themselves as Italian [3].

Useful Expressions:

How are you?
Come sta? (informal)/Come va? (informal)
Excuse me/I’m sorry
Mi scusi/Mi dispiace
Do you speak English?
Parla inglese?
Thank you
My name is…
Mi chiamo…
I’m from Canada.
Sono canadese.
I’m lost. Where is the nearest telephone/train station/hospital?
Mi sono perso/a. Dove posso trovare un telefono qui vicino/una stazione ferroviaria qui vicina/ un ospedale qui vicino?
How much does it cost?
Quanto costa?

Language Resources:

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Culture in italiano:

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