1. After six years of conflict, WW2 officially ended on what day? A. May 8, 1939
B. November 11, 1945
C. January 1, 1945
D. May 8, 1945
2. What was meant by the post-war expression “never again”? A. Germany’s resolve to never lose another war
B. The universal desire to avoid another war
C. France’s refusal to ally with the United Kingdom
in the future
D. Russia’s rejection of trade tariffs
3. After the Allies defeated Germany, Europe was divided into which spheres of influence? A. American, Soviet, French, and British
B. American, French, British, and German
C. Soviet, French, Czech, and Polish
D. Soviet, British, German, and French
4. In short, what best describes the “Cold War”? A. An ideological conflict between the world’s two superpowers, communist
Soviet Union vs. republican France
B.An ideological conflict between the world’s two superpowers: communist Soviet Union vs. capitalist United States
C. An armed conflict between Soviet satellite states
and the United States
D. A trade war between Britain and America
5. What was the “Marshall Plan? A. An invasion of Greece to end civil war
B. The distribution of American aid to war-torn
countries for post-war reconstruction, materials,
and food
C. A plan to control flow of post-war immigrants and refugeesD.A post-war re-arming strategy for Europe
6.Established in 1949, what was the main purpose of NATO? A. To facilitate Trans-Atlantic Trade
B. To establish a forum for environmental protection
C. To unite Canada, the United States, and the countries
of western Europe in a collective security agreement
D. To facilitate the development and sharing of naval
7. According to Churchill, reconciliation between which two states was necessary
for the future of Europe?
A. Britain and France
B.  France and Germany
C. America and France
D. Germany and Austria
8. What was the main objective of the Council of Europe? A.To achieve unity between its members in economic
and social policies
B. To allow for the sharing of military intelligence
C.To enhance the development of nuclear technology
D.To improve diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union
9. The European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC)
pooled the coal and steel resources from which
six countries?
A. The United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Belgium
B. Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands,
and Luxembourg (BENELUX)
C. France, Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy and Austria
D. Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg
10. What took place at the Treaty of Rome in 1957? A. The adoption of a common European currency
B. An agreement by “the Six” to develop a common defence
C. The signing for creating the European Economic Community (EEC)by the “the Six”
D. The termination of Germany’s membership in the ECSC

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