The European Parliament in Brussels Photo: European Parliament

Different levels of government are responsible for different policy areas. Below is a chart outlining the different levels of government with examples taken from Canada and the European Union.

In the left column, write down what you think the responsibilities for each level of government are.

Once you have accomplished that, try to figure out the name(s) of the leader(s) of each government level, first in Canada, and then for the examples from the EU.

Level of Government Examples from Canada Examples from the EU
Municipal Responsibilities: Ottawa: The Mayor is the head of the local government, at city hall and city council. Mayor of a city, e.g. Munich
Provincial Responsibilities: Ontario: The Premier is the head of the provincial legislature. NOT all countries of the EU have provinces or states. Germany, Belgium, and Austria are examples of federal states with provinces.
National Responsibilities: Canada: The Prime Minister is the head of the national Parliament. Any national legislative body: For example, the German Chancellor is the leader of the Bundestag, the German national government.
Supranational Responsibilities: None The European Parliament.


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That the German word for city hall is Rathaus?
That the Finnish word for parliament is edskunta?

Now you can proceed to activity 3.