1. In which three cities can you find the buildings of the European Parliament?

(Photo: European Parliament)

A. Strasbourg, Berlin, Luxembourg
B. Paris, Rome, London
C. Strasbourg, Brussels, Luxembourg
2. What are the elected representatives in the European Parliament called? A. Senators
B. Members of the European  Parliament
C. Deputies
3. What is the most commonly used legislative process of the European Parliament called? A. Co-decision
B. Royal Assent
C. Cooperation
4. In what year did the first direct elections to the European Parliament start? A. 1957
B. 1979
C. 1993
5. Who is the CURRENT President of the European Parliament? A. Jerzy Buzek
B. Josep Borrell Fontelles
C. Antonio Tajani
6. How many official political groups are there in the European Parliament? A. 5
B. 7
C. 8
7. How many seats are there in the European Parliament now?

(Photo: European Parliament)

A. 626
B. 308
C. 751
8. Which institution of the European Union represents the individual member states? A. European Parliament
B. Council of the European Union
C. European Commission
9. Who is the President of the European Commission?

(Photo: European Commission)

A. Jose Manuel Barroso
B. Josep Borrell Fontelles
C. Jean-Claude Juncker
10. Who is responsible for guarding EU citizens and businesses from maladministration? A. President of the Commission
B. European Ombudsman
C. The MEPs

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