An important achievement of CETA was the removal of most tariffs between Canada and the EU:

  • 99% of tariffs on industrial goods removed
  • 92% (Canada) and 93% (EU) of tariffs on agricultural goods removed
    • Exceptions were made for meat, eggs, and cheese

CETA also allowed for more cooperation between Canada and the EU:

  • Easier customs and trade procedures and reduced processing times at the border allowing for easier movement of goods
  • Regulatory cooperation and conformity assessments to ensure that Canadian manufacturers adhere to EU standards
  • Greater labour mobility between Canada and the EU
  • EU and Canadian governments can bid on each other’s public projects
    • For example: a new German government building could be constructed by a Canadian company
  • Easier and more certain investment between Canada and the EU
  • Protection for environmental and labour regulations
  • A new investor-state tribunal to ensure protection for foreign investors

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European Commission, “CETA explained”
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