In small groups, discuss these questions:

  • The term “foreign affairs” can include many things. What does this term mean to you? In your opinion, what does foreign affairs include?
  • Do you think involvement in foreign affairs is important to a country’s success? Why or why not?
Matching Game
Match the terms in the left column with the correct definition from the right column. All these terms are related to foreign affairs in the EU. Click on the term itself to help you learn more about it.
1. External Action | FR A. Established by the Maastricht Treaty, and covers all areas of foreign and security policy. Provides for the framing of a common defense policy.
2. Common Foreign Security Policy | FR B. A policy area established to ensure that the benefits of EU enlargement are shared with the EU’s neighboring countries.
3. External Trade C. Provides public aid for developing countries in regions around the world.
4. European Neighborhood Policy | FR D. All aspects of the EU’s foreign affairs except for trade. Includes links with developing countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific.
5. Development Policy | FR E. An EU policy area that promotes free trade on a global level, for the benefit of all countries regardless of their wealth.

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Activities of the European Union: External Relations | FR

The European Union around the World | FR

Council of the European Union: General Affairs and External Relations | FR


That the European Union spends about 500 million Euros a year in humanitarian aid each year?

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