So you want to backpack across Europe…great idea!

Traveling is a great way to sample different cultures and experience how the rest of the world lives. Visiting different countries expands your mind and broadens your horizons…there is so much to discover!

Europe is a continent with thousands of years of history, a rich cultural heritage and some of the world’s most beautiful scenery. It is also among the world’s most popular tourist destinations, and no wonder-each of the 28 European Union member countries boasts its own unique flavour and way of life! There is plenty to see and do for all types of travelers, and exploring Europe has been made that much easier thanks to the European Union.

But where to start? Traveling is fun and exciting, but it requires careful planning. Where to go, when, for how long and of course how to pay for it are all questions that require thought and consideration.

Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you think. There are many resources and a lot of information available to help you plan the best trip possible. After all, planning your trip is half the fun!

This page provides links and information to help you plan your trip to Europe. There is also information on exchanges to Europe for students looking to study abroad!

Country profiles and information
Europa-Traveling in Europe | FR
The official EU travel site. Provides information and resources for foreigners traveling in the European Union.

Lonely Planet
Gives advice and information for each EU countries on everything from when to go, how to get around, what to see and how much money it will cost you. A very useful site for students, backpackers and travelers on a budget!

Click on an EU country flag to see a fact sheet about that country, or click on the name of the country to access their official tourism site!

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Austria | FR Belgium | FR Croatia | FR  Cyprus | FR
flag of the Czech Republic Danish flag Estonian flag Finnish flag French flag
Czech Republic/ FR Denmark | FR Estonia Finland | FR France | FR
German flag Greek flag Hungarian flag Irish flag Italian flag
Germany | FR Greece Hungary | FR Ireland | FR Italy | FR
Latvian flag Lithuanian flag flag of Luxembourg Maltese flag Polish flag
Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg | FR Malta | FR Poland | FR
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Portugal | FR Romania Slovakia Slovenia | FR Spain | FR
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Sweden | FR The Netherlands | FR United Kingdom | FR

Working and studying in the EU
Interested in working or studying in one or more of the European Union countries? Click on the links below to find out what is involved and how to plan your work or study term abroad.

Carleton International
Carleton University’s online resource centre for information and professional expertise on international opportunities, exchange programs, and projects. A good starting point for those looking to take advantage of the many opportunities abroad available for undergraduate students.

EUROPA-European Youth Portal/ FR
Official European Union youth page dedicated to providing information to young adults about studying, working and volunteering in the EU.

MEI International Academy offers summer and full course semesters for students looking to study in an interesting and innovative manner in ten major cities across Europe.

Travel Information
What documents you need to travel around Europe? Where can you get a passport? How can you obtain a work/study visa? Click on the links below to obtain information about Canadians traveling abroad.

Canadian Consular Affairs | FR
The Consular Affairs Bureau provides information and assistance services to Canadians living and traveling abroad. Includes detailed information about travelers visas, passport requirements, security advisories, travel updates, security concerns and what to do in the case of an emergency.

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority | FR
Provides useful tips for Canadian travelers, including practical information regarding air travel and security.

Passport Canada | FR
Provides information on how to obtain or replace a Canadian passport and passport requirements for Canadian traveling in the European Union.