Welcome to the second release of the EU Learning website! This site has been designed for Canadian secondary school students, but we hope it can be a jumping off point for anyone interested in expanding his/her knowledge of the European Union and how it relates to Canada.

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In addition to the academic content, we offer a lighter side in Fun Stuff, and opportunities to go beyond our site in Links & Resources. The six units in the left hand menu are the heart of this educational site. In each unit, you will find a selection of topics, briefings, discussion questions and activities. If you are thinking about an EU-related topic for a course paper/project, it’s worth taking a look at the Independent Study Unit Topics to get you started. And if Eurojargon is getting you down, visit the Terms & Acronyms section for a ready reference.

This introductory section will help you learn the basic information you’ll need to know in order to complete the other activities on this website. Remember, you can always refer back to this section when you’re exploring other sections of the website!

For French Immersion Students!

French links and news sites are included throughout this website. Look for the symbol FR for these French sources! There are also many French links listed in the Links & Resources section of this website.

Topics Activities
START HERE!!! Map of Europe
Topic 1:
What is Europe?
Topic 2:
What is the EU?
Activity 1: Where are the EU Countries?
Activity 2: Comparing Countries in the EUExtensions:
Donald Puchala’s Interpretation of the EU
Regional Integration
International Organizations
Federations and Confederations
Topic 3:
Why Study the EU?
Briefing: European Union Enlargement and Enlargement FAQ
BONUS! Timeline of the European Union (Powerpoint Presentation)



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