The Canadian government accused the Spanish fishermen of over fishing, poaching turbot and using illegal nets.

The Spanish government and the EU accused the Canadians of Piracy.

In the articles from the previous activity, we saw how some journalists and columnists (op-ed writers) interpreted the Turbot War. The media, at least in Canada, is biased, but wait until you compare the accounts of the Turbot War according to the governments involved!

Check out the links to statements from both governments below and answer the following questions:

  • Who do you believe?
  • Was Canada, or were Spain and the EU acting improperly?
  • Is anyone concerned about the Turbot?
Canada Says: The EU and Spain Say:
We Captured the Estai because… Brian Tobin Lies
The EU is making false accusations We are negotiating. Stop harassing our ships!
Tobin says net with illegal liner recovered

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