1. What was the name of the region of the Grand Banks where Canadian ships captured the Estai? A. The Face and Foot
B. The Knee and Toe
C. The Nose and Tail
2. What is the other common name of the Turbot fish? A. Flatfish
B. Greenland Halibut
C. Black Halibut
3. What Canadian politician earned a reputation for his firm stance against the EU and Spain in the Turbot War? A. Brian Tobin
B. Jean Chretien
C. Paul Martin
4. Why did the Canadian government negotiate with the EU instead of Spain to resolve the conflict? A. Because the Spanish government wanted the EU to negotiate in its place
B. Because in fishery issues, Spain must abide by the laws of the EU
C. Because Canada refused to negotiate with Spain
5. Which international organization did not play a role in the Turbot War? A. NATO
B. The United Nations

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