Resolving the Dispute

The European Union and Canada quickly reached an agreement through negotiation.

Although leaders from Spain, Portugal and other EU countries were present, only the European Commission had the power to reach a deal with Canada.

The final agreement set out some new rules to enforce fishing quotas, such as:

  1. Independent Observers to be placed on fishing vessels to ensure no over fishing takes place. Tracking fishing vessels using satellite. More inspections of fishing vessels.
  2. Bigger fines and other penalties for over fishing.

These new rules applied to both Canadian and EU fishing trawlers. To further protect against over fishing and conserve the turbot off the coast of Newfoundland, Canadian vessels were only allowed to catch 10 000 tonnes of turbot. EU vessels were only allowed total catches of 5013 tonnes of turbot.

And so ended the month-long Turbot war!

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