This podcast, Sanctions Strategy and Effectiveness: Influencing Russia’s Foreign Policy, explores the use of sanctions policy in international relations and examines the impact and effectiveness of sanctions.

As a case study in sanctions strategy, the European Union along with other actors, such as Canada and the US, imposed sanctions upon Russia as a response to the Russian military intervention in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine in late February 2014.

A copy of the transcript is available here to accompany watching the podcast.

If you are looking for a lesson plan on Ukraine, we have the “Ukraine, Russia, and the European Union” lesson plan on the Global/World Issues and Politics list and the links are available below:

“Ukraine, Russia, and the European Union”
Lesson plan and teacher’s section here.
Additional lesson plan materials: Handout A Growth of the EU, Handout B Eastern Partnership, Handout C Russian Approach, Handout D Energy Case Study, Handout E Ukraine Crisis.

This is a Jean Monnet Project activity which is supported by a grant from the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union and by Carleton University.