Scenario Correct Answers
1. Anne is a Jewish girl. She and her family go to the city’s local synagogue every week. F. Freedom of Religion
The Charter of Fundamental Rights grants the right of religion to all residing in the EU.
2. The government allows its citizens of different ethnic backgrounds to build their own cultural halls. B. Minority Rights
The countries of the EU must ensure the rights of their national minorities. All EU member states have signed the Council of Europe’s Framework Convention on National Minorities.
3. A soldier who mistreated his prisoners-of-war is put on trial for his actions. H. Fight Against War Crimes
War crimes and genocide are not tolerated by members of the EU. The various member states of the EU cooperate in bringing war criminals to trial.
4. A law is passed to make it illegal for parents to hit their children D. Children’s Rights
Children in the EU are guaranteed certain rights such as the right to education
5. Schools offer courses to students on showing understanding and acceptance of people from other cultures. G. Anti-racism Measures
People of all races have the right to reside peacefully in the EU. The EU works closely with national police forces to combat racism.
6. A government department is required to give equal salaries to its male and female employees. E. Gender Equality
The EU is actively promoting equality between men and women by ensuring that women and men have equal opportunities in the workplace.
7. A country allows a family to settle there because the family’s former country is destroyed by war. A. Refugee Rights
The countries within the EU grant the right of asylum to those who have fled their countries of residence in fear of persecution because of their race, nationality, religious and/or political beliefs.
8. Charles has just turned 18, and will be voting in his country’s next elections. C. Citizens’ Rights
EU citizens are granted certain rights, such as the right to reside in the country of their choice, and the right to stand for or vote in European Parliament elections.