Considering university? Not sure about returning to school?

mature studentsIf you have been away from school for a number of years, you may want support with the transition to university. The ESP offers structured academic support designed to help you re-integrate into an academic setting, navigate university expectations and master course content, while forming strong academic skills and habits.

Mature students in ESP


Mature students enrol in one First Year Seminar course (FYSM) or CIED Core Course (Winter term students) and up to two electives, supported by non-credit academic support workshops.

Students in our mature student stream may enroll:

  • part-time (one credit option): a FYSM or CIED (Winter term); or
  • part-time (two credit option): a FYSM or CIED (Winter term), and one other elective course plus workshop (see the Program page for details about other course offerings and workshops); or
  • full-time (three credit option): a FYSM or CIED (Winter term), and two other elective courses plus workshops (see the Program page for details about other course offerings and workshops).

Qualifying for a degree

If you meet the university’s formal definition of mature applicant, you may earn admission to a Bachelor of Arts degree at Carleton University upon completion of one full credit with an average of C- (provided it’s your first credit at university). Students who take more than 1.5 credits should consult with an advisor about their requirements.

Students interested in our Business, Science and Engineering streams should consult our Program page for details about proceeding from ESP to a degree.

You meet the formal definition of mature applicant if you:

  1. are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada; and
  2. have not attended a college or university as full-time student; and
  3. have been away from full-time studies for at least two calendar years; and
  4. do not meet the normal admission requirements (as published in the Undergraduate Calendar).

If you do not meet this formal definition, you may still be able to enroll in our mature student FYSM, but your admissions requirements will be the same as other students (normally a C+ average across 3.0 credits). See our Program page for details.

What are the minimum academic requirements for ESP mature student admission?

Mature applicants will be considered based on the strength of their completed Application Package (see below).

How to apply

Please visit one of our application pages:

Costs and funding

Eligible students may apply for OSAP for full-time or part-time study.