Financial Services has recently partnered with Scotiabank to offer Visa card payments to our vendors.  Our goal is to leverage the commercial card program in order to improve process efficiencies as well as to reduce the cost of processing paper cheques.

How does it benefit our vendors?

  • Payment efficiency – will be paid upon approval of invoice by reducing payment terms to 0 days.
  • Process efficiency – suppliers can reduce internal processing and transaction costs by eliminating paper-based cheques and associated reconciliation efforts
  • Customer acquisition and retention – by accepting the Visa commercial card, vendors provide a valued service which may be a determining factor in becoming or remaining a preferred vendor. As we seek to concentrate spend, vendors who offer flexible and beneficial payments solution may receive increased revenue and strengthen their competitive advantage.

How to get started….

  • Complete the enrollment form that was emailed to your company.
  • Email the completed form to or fax it to 613-520-3966.
  • Carleton will complete the registration process on your behalf based on the completed enrolment form.
  • You will receive a “Welcome” email, which will outline how to obtain the credit card information for future transactions.
  • Once set up, all future payments will be made via the Visa commercial card.