All electronic financial systems at Carleton implicitly utilize Fund-Orgn security. This means that to view or create a transaction against any FOAPAL, a user must have the appropriate level of authority to successfully pass the security checks. There are three types of authority:

Query: This level of authority only allows the user to view transactional details in FAST Finance Reporting. The individual cannot commit any funds on behalf of the fund holder and cannot use the fund and/or orgn for any electronic transactions, such as those for FAST Purchasing Card reconciliations or Travel and Expense.  The exception to this rule is FAST Web Requisitioning.

Signing:  An individual who has signing authority on a fund or orgn is permitted to charge or commit transactions.  There are two ways to receive signing authority:

Research Funds: Signing authority on a research fund can only be granted by the owner or Principal Investigator of the fund, and must be done using a Delegation of Authority Form found on the Financial Services website. This level of authority means the individual can make purchases or commit funds without the permission of the fund owner, create electronic transactions in our systems, and view any details associated with the fund.

Non-Research Funds:  Signing authority on an operating, ancillary or special purposes fund is granted based on the position of the individual (i.e. departmental administrator, Chair, Dean, etc.).  To request signing authority, you must contact the Finance Office at

Posting: This level of authority is granted for individuals who need to be able to post an electronic transaction through one of our systems. Individuals are responsible for submitting evidence that the fund holder requested the purchase prior to the posting of the transaction. All transactions of this nature will be reviewed for such documentation.

Note: An individual cannot hold both Query and Posting authority without being upgraded to full Signing authority.

Sample Signature Required!

A sample signature is required for any individual who has signing authority on a fund or orgn.  Effective May 1, 2010, individuals who have signing authority capacity may receive an email from Financial Services requesting a sample signature, using the Sample Signature Form found in the Forms Section of the Financial Services Website.