New Employee Orientation

Prior to their first day on the job, new employees attend a one-hour orientation session with Human Resources. In this session new employees are introduced to Carleton University and many of its departments and services.  It also gives them time to set up their benefits, life insurance, pension and payroll.

You play the most important role in orientation. By making sure that new employees have access to the right tools, information and people to be successful, you will help them become productive quickly and reinforce that they made the right choice in coming to Carleton.

The New Employee Orientation – Guide for Managers provides you with the information you need to know to ensure new employees have access to basic information about their role and the environment in which they will be working.  It also provides tips to help facilitate a sense of belonging and reassurance that they will have the support they will need to make a valuable contribution in their new job.

The New Employee Orientation – Manager Checklist  is designed to ensure that nothing is missed during the employee’s first few days, weeks and months. You may want to customize the list for your department or delegate some of these tasks to the employee’s supervisor.

New Employee Payment

In order for an employee to be paid, the appropriate form must be completed and returned to Human Resources.

Description When is this required?
Hourly Pay Submission Form For payment of hours worked (non-recurring payments)
Casual Employee Assignment /Payment Form For employees who have completed 3 months of employment (working more than 24 hours per week) and are eligible to be included in an employee group
Short-Term Casual Employee Assignment Form Use for short term assignments up to 3 months or when hours of work are less than 24 hours per week
Replacement Employee Assignment / Payment Form Use when a replacement employee is hired
Personal Information Form New casual employee’s must fill out this form and return it to HR
Payroll Profile Use for hiring students or when a new casual employee is hired and payment is funded by a non-operating account (Instructions)
TA Assignment of Duties This form must be filled out for every new TA position.
Undergraduate TA work assignments are completed by the hiring department.
Please complete a Payroll Profile and return it to Payroll Services. Funding for graduate student TA’s is initiated by Graduate Studies and forwarded to Payroll Services

For information on payroll deadlines,  overtime, and departmental leave reporting  please visit the payroll services section of this website or visit our FAQ page.