Directed Study (0.5 credit) – available project:

Graduate Students taking 4th year courses:

Effective Fall 2014, Masters students will only be allowed to take one (1) undergraduate course towards their degree.  You will need to use the scheduler at this link

You will need the permission of the Undergraduate Academic Support office.  Go to this link Engineering (Course) Request Form.  Read the instructions in the middle section, and then access the Scheduler Tool using the link located about mid page.

Forms commonly used:

Calendar reg. 7.10 Change of Status from Full- Time to Part-Time

Students who have valid reasons for changing status from full-time to part-time prior to registration for a term may apply for permission by:

  • writing to the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs stating the reason(s) for seeking exemption from the full-time registration requirements stated in 7.9
  • by completing a Change of Registration Status Form, accompanied by a statement from the departmental graduate supervisor/associate chair (graduate affairs)  – and the thesis supervisor, if applicable  – in support of their request.

It is understood that such a status change will be granted only in exceptional cases (e.g., for medical reasons.)  Exemptions are normally granted for a term.

Calendar and Thesis information:

Scholarships exclusive to M&AE graduate students:

Student Travel Bursary

  • Graduate Students wishing to apply for a Graduate Travel Bursary need to fill out an application (scroll to the bottom) as well as give a seminar presentation.