The Krishnan Suthanthiran and Richard Kind Scholarship is awarded in alternate years, normally for a two-year period, to an outstanding student who has completed the second year of the Bachelor of Engineering program in either Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering. Eligible candidates will be considered early in the Fall term. The selection committee will consider candidates’ academic records, with particular emphasis on performance in mechanics, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics; candidates’ involvement in extracurricular activities, particularly activities which help to integrate students into the Carleton University and wider communities, will also be considered. The second year of the award is contingent upon performance in the third year of the program being at least as good as that in the second year. Eligible students may either apply for consideration or be nominated by a colleague.

The first presentation of this Scholarship of $2,000 will be made in the Fall term 2004

The Scholarship was endowed in 2003 through the generosity of Mr. Krishnan Suthanthiran a graduate of the Carleton Masters of Engineering program in 1971. Mr. Suthanthiran has made a previous significant donation to Carleton that made possible the purchase and installation of the materials testing system in room our Materials Testing and Structures Laboratory. He is currently President of Best Medical International, Inc.

Winners to date have been (duration of this award is 2 years):

2004 & 2005 A. Smith-Windsor
2006 & 2007 B. Fitzsimmon
2008 & 2009 W. Spark
2010 & 2011 M. Kibsey
2012 A. Brunst
2013 C. Sharma
2014 D. Grymonpre
2015 M. Emara
2016 T. Al-Shedayfat
2017 H. Mahmoud
2018 & 2019 S. Nosir
2020 A. Bastin
2021 A. Paulose
2022 A. Dassanayake
2023 J. Hartman