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Tofy Mussivand

Adjunct Professor



    ASSESSMENT BY PEERS:  The following is a summary of assessment, evaluations and statements made by independent scientists, peers and agencies (CIHR, NSERC, NRC, NIH, CIMIT, etc.) in regards to Professor Mussivand’s contributions to science, technology and medicine:

    Professor Mussivand is an internationally acclaimed and renowned scientist, problem solver, educator, humanitarian and inventor. He is an inspiring leader who through sustained creative innovations, hard work and perseverance became one of the world’s most prominent and respected scientists.  Prof. Mussivand’s scientific excellence has led to significant and meaningful contributions to the accumulation, transfer and dissemination of scientific knowledge, technologies and products for utilization. These contributions have shaped the present and future of medical devices and provided major impacts on health care globally.

    1. Inventions: 36 technologies/innovations (20 patents/4 in process), 12 under development.
    2. World’s Firsts: Pioneered 12 world’s first technologies that have and continue to shape medical devices and health care worldwide.
    3. Mentoring: Trained over 600 students and directed advanced training of 6,000 healthcare professionals, by establishing an advanced patient simulation center.
    4. Visionary Leadership: Established visionary initiatives; Patient Care Simulation Centre, Biomedical Engineering, and Medical Devices Innovation Institute.
    5. Business: Created several spin-offs. One technology alone brought over $600 millions into Canada, created 1,000 man years of jobs, took a company public (NASDAQ & TSX), and oversaw the acquisition of a major division from a USA Corporation. This company has and continues to save lives worldwide.
    6. Publications: Published over 500 books, papers, technical reports, editorials.
    7. Life Saving Activities: Pioneered procedures/guidelines and devices resulting in countless lives saved.
    8. Service: Provides advice to Canada, UK, USA, Japan, China, India and others. Appointed Member of Prime Minister’s Advisory Council on Science and Technology (Last 3 Prime Ministers).
    9. Example Of Awards And Honors: CIHR KT, Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal,  NRC Lifetime Achievement, NSERC Synergy, and Fellow of the Royal Society, New York Academy of Sciences, European Academy of Sciences, American Society of Medical Engineering and Biological Engineering.
    10. Organizations:  Led, formed, and contributed to more than 80 major organizations nationally and internationally, including companies, institutes, universities, and hospitals.

    Collaboration with Carlton University: One of the founding members of Biomedical engineering program. Collaborating with Professors from Carleton University for last 17 years; co-supervising students, research, development, teaching and assisting in medical devices innovations.