Faculty and Staff / Vinh Tang

Vinh Tang

Adjunct Research Professor

    Degrees:B.S., M.Sc., Ph.D.


    President (since 2010), VRS-Verify Reactor Safety Inc, Ottawa, Canada.  Services offered include assisting in:

    – Reviewing nuclear power plant design and safety analysis

    – Resolving reactor safety issues- Developing nuclear safety standards and guides

    – Applying reactor safety regulatory requirements

    – Training specialsts in safety analysis and reactor safety, etc.

    Scientific Adisor/Technical Specialist at Atomic Energy Control Board/Canadian Nuclear Safety Commision, with 30 years involving in the reviews of safety analyses for CANDU reactors, formulation of licensing recommendations, and developing regulatory guides and requirements related to reactor safety.

    Research engineer attached at Atomic Energy of Canada Limited in1979; Participating in the development (and co-author of) the computer code CHAN II, predicting reactor fuel channel behaviour under loss of coolant and loss of emergency core cooling conditions.