Requirements for Transfer from Master’s to Ph.D. Program

A student registered full-time at Carleton University who shows outstanding academic performance, and who demonstrated high promise for advanced research during the master’s program may, subject to meeting the requirements below, be permitted to transfer into the doctoral program without completing the master’s program.

The student must make a formal application to transfer from the master’s program to the doctoral program no later than the third term of the student’s initial registration in the master’s program. The application must be made in writing to the graduate committee, and must include a letter of support from the student’s supervisor.

The student will have completed at least two (2) credits including PSYC 5410 and PSYC 5411, and achieved either a grade of A+ in each credit, or they will have demonstrated exceptional research productivity.

Students permitted to transfer into the doctoral program whose progress is deemed unsatisfactory may be required to transfer back to the master’s program.