Photo of Joanna Pozzulo

Joanna Pozzulo

Chancellor's Professor

Degrees:Ph.D. (Queen's)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 1412
Office:A529 Loeb Building
Website:The Laboratory for Child Forensic Psychology

Research Interests

The goal of Dr. Pozzulo’s research is to understand how memory in the applied context of witnessing crime differs developmentally and the cognitive/social processes eyewitnesses engage to recall the event and recognize the culprit. On an applied level, Dr. Pozzulo is interested in developing age-appropriate identification procedures that police can use with eyewitnesses. Dr. Pozzulo is focused on evidence-based, best practices for child eyewitness identification with the aim of reducing wrongful conviction.

As a secondary line of research, Dr. Pozzulo is interested in the factors that influence perceptions of historical cases of sexual misconduct within a juror-decision-making paradigm.

Dr. Pozzulo is the Director of the Mental Health and Well-being Research and Training Hub.



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Chapters in edited books:

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Articles in refereed journals:

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