Photo of Stefania Maggi

Stefania Maggi

Associate Professor

Degrees:Ph.D. (British Columbia)
Office:1303 DT

Research Interests

Dr. Maggi is an interdisciplinary scholar whose mixed-methods research bring together developmental sciences, population health approaches, participatory methods, statistical modelling, and arts-based approaches. Her work focuses on promoting individual and collective resilience in the context of climate change, especially among children and youth; positive development and emotional intelligence; social, educational, and relational determinants of early career development; impacts of climate change on children, families, and communities; and enabling factors promoting pro-environmental behaviours and climate action.

Dr. Maggi embeds elements of advocacy and resilience promoting strategies in her teachings helping students advance both their academic competences, psychological wellbeing, and socio-emotional learning. She is cross appointed between the Childhood and Youth Studies program and the Department of Psychology at Carleton University where she teaches course relevant to the psychology of climate change, education for sustainable development, nature connection, and human development.

Her participatory research collaborations with educational institutions and community-based organizations in Canada and abroad focus on addressing the impacts of climate change on the wellbeing of young people and the use of immersive technologies (e.g., video games) to promote positive development, emotional wellbeing, climate awareness and environmental behaviors and action.

Dr. Maggi is the founder of Mochi4ThePlanet, a youth-led movement promoting coping with climate change and emotional resilience. She is also an executive member of the Landon Pearson Centre for the Studies of Childhood and Children’s Rights; an advocate for the promotion of children’s rights; a member of the Pickering Centre for Human Development, the Climate Psychology Alliance North America, the Child Rights Academic Network, and Teachers for Future International.