First Year Seminars in Psychology

First-year seminar (FYSM) courses are capped at 30 students and provide an opportunity for you to discuss and research topics of interest in a core subject area.

The seminars are designed to assist you in acquiring and refining the skills that are necessary for success, while also helping to smooth the transition to university life.

FYSMs are available to all incoming 1st-year BA, Bachelor of Cognitive Science, and Bachelor of Global and International Studies students. Note that you can only take one credit in FYSM courses.

For more information, please head to Carleton’s FYSM page. For details on psychology-themed FYSMs, please see below.

Course Term Instructor
FYSM 1310 C: Introduction to Neuropsychiatry Fall-Winter Dan Madularu
FYSM 1310 F : Emerging Adulthood and Beyond Fall-Winter Lisa Menard
FYSM 1310 H : Psychological Disorders and Mental Health Fall-Winter Elaine Waddington Lamont
FYSM 1508 A : Stress, Coping & Well-Being Fall-Winter Ayca Guler-Edwards
FYSM 1508 B : Stress, Coping & Well-Being Fall-Winter Ayca Guler-Edwards

Every effort is made to ensure accuracy.

However, the course list and information that appears on the individual course pages (e.g., designated instructor, evaluation criteria and instructor statements) are subject to change. Updates will be posted as necessary. Please keep this in mind when making registration decisions.