Third year computer science student David Nguyen, who recently completed a total of 12 months with Canopy Growth’s software development group, was part of the team responsible for developing the company’s mobile companion app, which will enable smart features on select devices. He believes the transparency offered by the app can help educate users on the nuances that exist throughout the company’s upcoming line of consumable vaping products.

“Before I began working at Canopy Growth I never realized that cannabis had hundreds of different strains with varying degrees of intensity,” he says. “Providing users with the ability to trace their product to the exact batch and see a full breakdown of its composition can help inform both casual and experienced consumers.”

Nguyen also hopes the app will help to promote safe use and greater accountability among end-users.

“Being able to prevent your children or anyone else for that matter from accessing your device is something I think will really resonate with consumers,” he says. “These kinds of features can help transform the industry by making it simpler to use cannabis products responsibly.”

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