My name is Anoushka and I am contacting you from CU-WISE’s Virtual Team this year. I hope you are doing well and had a great start to the semester.

It’s a new school year, and first year students will especially be facing new ground with a virtual school year. To help first year Engineering, Computer Science and Science students at Carleton to adjust to a virtual school year in a comfortable, inclusive environment, CU-WISE is planning to hold a Virtual Panel for first year students.

We are looking for representatives in Computer Science who can act as panelists, answering questions and giving tips to first years. Panelists will be upper year students (third year and above) from different Engineering, Computer Science and Science programs at Carleton.  We are planning to hold this event virtually on Zoom beginning of October however, the specific date will depend on the panelists’ availability.

If you would like to join in as a panelist, you can fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch soon with registration details and the Zoom link!

Link to Panelist form:


Anoushka Singhal

Virtual Executive