Fortinet is the global leader in cybersecurity. We over $3.5 B in sales and nearly 10,000 employees globally, the company is expanding in the Ottawa region.

Fortinet’s mission is to secure people, devices, and data everywhere.

Job Skills:

We are looking for enthusiastic applicants who have an interest in joining an exciting and growing company that is the global leader in cybersecurity.


Graduates in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Internet Security, Software Engineering, Network Computing

Job Description:

This is a 12 week paid internship that will lead to a full time job offers
Participants will benefit from job shadowing, coaching and mentoring within the following departments: R & D, Engineering, Technical Support, MIS, Sales and Marketing. This provides candidates with an opportunity to experience the different roles within a cybersecurity company to see what interests them the most.
Participants will spend time in technical training that includes NSE 4 level industry certification, SD WAN Architecture, AI Driven Breach Protection, Attack and Defend methodologies, and ZTNA with a dedicated industry instructor.
Soft skills training will also be included in the 12 weeks to sharpen the necessary leadership, project management, presentation and communication skills needed by industry professionals. This will take place through Fortinet’s Employee Skills program and industry speakers brought in to speak to the program participants.
All participants will also take part in Fortinet’s 2022 Sales Kickoff. You will attend sessions with leading speakers like Simon Sinek and John Maxwell and hear from Fortinet Executives.

We are looking for students to begin the program in mid January 2022. This is a paid program which will lead to full time job offers.

If interested, please contact Al Nasturzio,