SSH Connection with x2go Remote Desktop Client

NOTE: This example uses x2go, but the connection settings are the same for other compatible remote desktop tools.
Download x2go: here

You can find a video demo of these instructions here: Connect to Remote Desktop via x2go (Video)

Use the following settings to make the connectionSome of your settings will be different

  • host: this with your own instance’s floating IP address
  • username: studentdefault for most of our openstack images; Sometimes called Login
  • password: studentdefault for most of our openstack images

Install x2go, following the application’s instructions

Open x2go

  • On Windows you may get a warning to allow x2go to access the network (firewall rule change); approve the request. This may also pop-up each time you create a new session (described below), so you may have to approve the request more than once.

Create a new session in x2go by clicking Session -> New Session
The key settings that must be entered in the x2go session settings window that pops up are:

  • Host:
  • Login: student
  • Session Type: XFCEThis is used for many of our course images, but your course may have a different preferred desktop. Another common one we use is LXDE

Once the settings are entered, click OK

In x2go you will see a new session connection:

Click on the session to initiate the connection:

  • You will be asked to enter the instance’s password
  • If it is the first time you are connecting to the instance with x2go, you will be asked if you trust and approve connecting to the host. Again, approve the connection

Finally, a window should pop-up connected to the desktop: