Technolgap is Ottawa’s community for post-secondary womxn-in-tech, currently with 200+ community members around Ottawa in various programs such as computer science and engineering. 🚀

Through our slack workspace, Technolgap members share job postings and opportunities, give each other advice about resumes and courses, organize study groups, and connect with each other! Members can also take advantage of Technolgap-exclusive events put together by our organizing team; in the past, we’ve invited engineers and recruiters from companies like Shopify, Square, and Coursera to run professional development workshops exclusively for Technolgap members. 😱

Technolgap is looking for volunteers for this winter! 🌸 🌟

If you identify as a womxn-in-tech and you’re looking to get more involved with the community this winter, Technolgap is looking for volunteers!

We have roles to fill across many departments, from design, to development, to social media content-creation, to event organization. Every member of the organizing board will ownership over something — whether that’s organizing your own event, or having your own content segment on our socials, it’s up to you! This means you will have room to make decisions and contribute your own ideas to the community (ps. this would look great on your resume).

If you’re interested in applying, applications close on January 16th, 2021.

Step 1. Apply to join Technolgap

Step 2. Apply to volunteer.

Note: If you’re not yet part of Technolgap, feel free to apply to both step one and step two at the same time.

If you have any questions, message Alexa through Technolgap’s slack workspace, or email us at