Are you a Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons.) student considering graduate studies?

The MCS Accelerated Pathway allows Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons.) students a chance to fast-track their MCS studies, enabling students to reach their academic and career goals sooner!

How it Works

  1. At the end of the third year of the BCS (Hons.), students express interest in the MCS Accelerated Pathway by emailing the SCS Undergraduate Advisors at and request an audit review. The Undergraduate Advisors will confirm if the student has room on their audit for 1.0 credit in 5000-level COMP courses.
  2. The SCS Graduate Director will review the student’s audit and notify the student if they’ve been admitted to the MCS Accelerated Pathway.
  3. Accepted students can take up to 2 COMP 5000-level courses (or to 1.0 cr) in their fourth year in place of 4th-year COMP courses.
  4. If the student wishes to pursue an MCS degree at Carleton, they must apply by the January 15th deadline. If admitted to the program MCS program, the COMP 5000-level courses (up to 1.0 cr) taken as part of the BCS will be counted towards the MCS program requirements through ‘Advanced Standing,’ provided the grades achieved are B+ or higher. Advanced Standing will reduce the required courses needed in the MCS, typically resulting in students completing the MCS program at a faster pace.

Requirements for Eligibility to the Accelerated Pathway 

  1. Third-year Standing in the BCS (Hons.) program with substantial completion of the required courses at the 3000-level and below.
  2. A major GPA of at least 10.0.

Note: Approved Accelerated Pathway students are not eligible to take COMP graduate courses at uOttawa.