Congratulations on completing the Basic Training modules! By this point, you have learned how to:

  1. Log in, navigate the dashboard and manage your pages and posts;
  2. Add and edit basic types of content such as pages, posts, people and events;
  3. Add and edit basic post elements such as text, links, images, lists, columns and slidemes;
  4. Organize your site with site navigation and footer;
  5. Manage your homepage.

If you have questions about your website, feel free to refer back to this training, or contact Web Services for support!

What’s next?

Keep practicing

The CCMS Playground is the training site where you can practice with CMS without worrying about making changes to your own site.

Take the Advanced CMS Training

The Advanced CMS Training introduces you to advanced functionalities of CMS, so you can do more with your website.