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Pablo Heidrich

Associate Professor

Degrees:B.A. (Manhattanville College) M.Phil. (University of Tsukuba, Japan) Ph.D. (University of Southern California)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 3317
Office:Room 2114
Dunton Tower

Pablo Heidrich is an international political economist, specializing in natural resources and development, international trade policymaking in contexts of financial crises, and comparative regionalism. His main focus is the interplay between ideas, policies and practices in economic development, observing how international trade and investment flows influence income distribution and development opportunities in the Global South.

Dr. Heidrich has written recently on Canadian mining investments in Latin America, global trade governance, negotiations at the World Trade Organization, and international cooperation. Part of his current research is funded by SSHRC; previously, his work has been funded by IDRC, Ford Foundation, Marshall Foundation and CIDA.

Before joining Carleton in 2014, he was a senior researcher on international trade and development at the North-South Institute in Ottawa, and a policy researcher at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences in Argentina.

Selected Publications

Heidrich, P. and Macdonald, L. (ed.) 2022. Canada’s Past and Future in Latin America. University of Toronto Press.

Heidrich, P. 2021. “Theories of Development Economics”. Published in Introduction to International Development, edited by Paul Haslam, Jessica Shafer, and Pierre Beaudet. Oxford University Press.

Heidrich, P. 2021. “Unpacking Latin American Oil and Gas Policies: Views on Energy as a Market, Common and Political Good”. Published in Energy Policy in the Americas, edited by Amalia Kiddle. University of Calgary Press.

Heidrich, P. 2016. “Determinants, Boundaries and Patterns of Canadian Mining Investments in Latin America (1995-2015)”. Latin American Policy, vol 7 (2). December 2016.

Heidrich, P. & Ortiz, P. 2016. “Mineral Taxation and the Return of Some States in Latin America.” Published in Mining in Latin America. Critical Approaches to the “New Extraction”, edited by Kalowatie Deonandan and Michael L. Dougherty. Routledge.

Heidrich, P. & Haslam, P. 2016 (ed.) Political Economy of Natural Resources and Development. From Neoliberalism to Resource Nationalism. Routledge.

Heidrich, P., Kindornay, S. & Blundell, M. 2013. “South-South Development Cooperation in Latin America: What Role for the Private Sector?” Integration and Trade, vol. 17 no. 36, pp. 69-83.

Heidrich, P. 2012. “What Relevance for the WTO in Today’s International Trade System?” In Hany Besada and Shannon Kindornay (eds.), Multilateral Institutions in a Challenging New World. Ashgate.

Heidrich, P. & Tussie, D. 2010. “Regional Trade Agreements and the WTO: The Gyrating Wheels of Interdependence.” In Debra P. Steger (ed.) Redesigning the WTO for the 21st Century. Wilfrid Laurier University.

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