2015 Teachers’ Workshop Information

The 2015 edition of the workshop was held on December 2, 2015.

The agenda and presentations from the workshop are following:

Event agenda: 2015-Teachers-Workshop-Agenda

PowerPoint Presentations for:

Dr. Crina Viju: EU Economic Integration and EU-Canada Relations (PowerPoint)

Dr. Achim Hurrelmann: An Introduction to the European Union (PowerPoint)

Dr. Joan DeBardeleben: Making the European Union Relevant to High School Students (PowerPoint)

Brent Forbes-Murray: EU Environment and Climate Change Policy (Prezi)

Krystyna Wojnarowicz: EU-Global Refugee Crisis (PowerPoint)

Mr. Luigi Scarpa: Paris PowerPoint Presentation (PowerPoint)

High school teachers from a variety of departments (World Issues, History, Geography, Business,…) from Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, Upper Canada District School Board and Ottawa-Catholic School Board are invited each year to attend this one day workshop.

If you are a high school teacher interested in learning about the EU for your classroom and would like to attend the annual workshop, please send an email to EULearning@carleton.ca

The EULearning Project is funded, in part, by a grant from the European Union and hosted annually at Carleton University.